The Samoyed Association :
The Samoyed Association is the oldest Samoyed organisation in the UK. It organises Open and Championship shows and events across the UK, it also offers advice and support for Samoyed owners, breeders and those interested in the breed. The Samoyed Association Rescue is an integral part of The Samoyed Association, it is run by members of the association and is fully supported by the association itself. If you would like more information on the Association you can visit our webpage by clicking on the logo opposite or clicking HERE.


Why is there a Samoyed Rescue ?

There are many abandoned Samoyeds that need loving and caring homes around the UK, most animals, through no fault of their own, or their owners necessarily, find themselves in a strange situation, very remote from their familiar surroundings and devoid of the usual degree of human contact that all Samoyeds crave.

Most stray or unwanted Sams are handed into police stations or animal shelters where they are kept for a few weeks, waiting to be claimed. However the local authority kennels cannot keep animals indefinitely and most have about 2-3 weeks in which to be claimed until they are sentenced to be put to sleep. The Samoyed Association Rescue aims to get these animals out of the kennels as soon as possible and rehomed with suitable owners. We are always very keen to hear from prospective new owners for these animals.

How it works :

The Samoyed Association Rescue, is a non-profit making, self funding organisation. If you decide to take on a rescue dog, The Samoyed Association Rescue would appreciate a donation for the animal dependant on the age and health of the animal, in the order of £250, this donation goes to help us rescue and pay vets bills for Samoyeds in need.

Adoption Agreement :

The following is a direct extract from the paperwork you will receive when you apply to adopt a Samoyed and has been included here so that you can see what agreement you would be entering into. This is a legal document between you and the Rescue, you will be expected to fulfill your part of the agreement. This is not the complete application, you MUST contact the Rescue to obtain the full package to be able to apply :


This is a copy of the Questionnaire for adoption of a Samoyed, please fill the Form out plus one copy of this page (one copy for your own records) as a condition for Re-homing and return to me. The Samoyed Association Rescue tries very hard to place Rescue Samoyeds in a loving and caring home and with families that have someone at home at least 75% of the time. When you have signed and sent in this form & questionnaire it will then be placed in our prospective homes file, and if and when a Samoyed comes into Rescue that we feel suits your application we will then contact you. Would you also please note the following:-

1. The Samoyed Association Rescue requires a donation from between £90 to £160 depending on age of dog, if a Samoyed is placed with you. All Donations are placed in a separate Bank Account and are used to help with the endless list of costs involved in running Rescue, such as helping Samoyeds in need of veterinary care, kennelling costs, travelling costs and other costs related to the care and well-being of Samoyeds.

2. A home check will be carried out where possible.

3. We would, also, point out that if the Samoyed that is placed with you has NOT been Castrated or Spayed then you will have this done as soon as possible and the appropriate Veterinary paperwork showing this to have been done should be sent to the Chief Rescue Officer. (Unless discussed with the Rescue Officer prior).

4. All Pedigree Papers (if any) on the Rescue Samoyed will be retained by the Samoyed Association Rescue. You will be given only microchip paperwork and booster/injection card.

5. Annual Boosters must be brought up to date and carried out yearly, as well as worming on a 6 monthly basis.

6. No Rescue Samoyed can be bred from.

7. If a Samoyed is placed with you then you will sign a Form stating that you will look after this dog to the best of your ability, and that you CANNOT sell or pass this dog on or make profit from this dog in any way, and that the Samoyed Association has the right to check on this dog for the rest of the dogs life.

8. The Samoyed Association would, also, suggest you get any Rescue dog insured in case of any illness in the future.

9. If for any reason you cannot keep the dog then the Rescue Samoyed MUST come back to the Samoyed Association Rescue.

10. New Owners also accept that the Samoyed Association Rescue has the right to reclaim a dog if, in the Association Rescue's opinion, the terms of this agreement are not being reasonably adhered to.