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Permanent, loving, homes are URGENTLY required for Rescue dogs - Please only apply if you are prepared to put in the time and effort involved with these dogs - as with all dogs this is a lifetime commitment - If you think you can help please contact your nearest Samoyed Association Rescue representative :


Representative : Name : Location : Telephone :

Preferred contact times :

Chief Rescue Officer

Linda Brasier
07960 016478

Linda is available midday till 9 pm.
If in an Emergency then please leave name & telephone number and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Rescue Assistant
Mr Preston Haffenden
01908 379 624
07970 329 878
9am to 2pm Monday to Friday
Please ring telephone numbers in the order they are given here.
Rescue Assistant
Diana Barker

01923 710453
07908 643878

Evenings Only (5 till 8 pm) please.
PLEASE REMEMBER - these representatives give their time voluntarily and are unpaid, please respect their personal time and restrict calls to reasonable hours as detailed in this table. If it is a very urgent case or an emergency please ring at  ANY TIME ! - if there is no answer please leave a message and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.
But please, if it is a non-urgent matter, wait and ring within the times specified - Thank you.
Please Note that ONLY the people detailed in the table above are Samoyed Association Rescue representatives and are authorised by the Samoyed Association to deal with Rescue matters on behalf of the Association.
No-one else can deal with Rescue matters on behalf of the Association.
If you wish to rehome a Samoyed, geographical location (within the United Kingdom mainland) should not be considered an issue, as arrangements can usually be made to get the animal to wherever a suitable home is found.



UPDATE - 15th. April 2021 :

Nana was brought here from Macedonia after being found down a manhole. She is partially deaf and has dry eye, so needs drops daily, which the rescue that brought her here will continue to pay for. We assure you that her coat will grow back.
She has now found her forever home and we would like to thank everyone who enquired about her, we wish her and her new owners well.


UPDATE - 19th. February 2020 :

Please be advised that Luna has now found what will hopefully be her forever home, Linda would like to thank everyone who has contacted her and offered to take her on, your kindness is much appreciated, please remember that there are still other deserving cases who also require forever homes.


UPDATE - 21st. November 2019 :

Here's the update on Tutti Frutti.
Hopefully Tutti Frutti has found her forever home. After a successful meeting with her prospective sammy sister, which went as well as expected. Tutti will be going to her new home tomorrow. It will take some time for her to trust people but I'm sure it will come. Her new home is one that has had Sam's from me before and have a lovely Sammy girl who I'm hoping will teach Tutti Frutti that life is good. I have fingers and toes crossed for this little girl as she deserves a loving happy life.

Many thanks to all those that asked about her.


Samoyed Rescue needs YOUR HELP !

We are desperately seeking volunteers to help us re-home Samoyeds across the UK. We are particularly in need of volunteers who can help transport dogs from their old homes to their new ones, we usually do this as a relay between volunteers to be as fair to everyone as we can. If you can help us please take a moment to fill in our online volunteering form (CLICK HERE) so that we can add your name to the list and build up our network of willing volunteers.

Thank you.

It is always advisable to contact a reputable breeder before considering the purchase of a puppy. Please go to the "Puppy" page on the main Samoyed Association site for further information.
Please click here.


SCAM 1 : We have recently been made aware of sellers offering "free" Samoyed puppies on classified advertisement sites such as Gumtree, but charging delivery fees of £150 via COURIER !SCAM 2 : Samoyed pups are advertised for sale on the internet. You have to call a number and you are asked for your bank details, they say that they will deliver your dog to you. PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS AS IT IS A SCAM and your Bank details will be used.

Please avoid these scams and only purchase puppies from reputable sources, or even better, consider a Rescue dog from a recognised animal rescue.

How NOT to place a Dog on Rescue :Recently a male Samoyed was tied up and left (dumped) at one of our Foster homes, near Peterborough.
The lady came home to find the dog tied to her paddock gate with a note attached to his collar, it read " My name is Sammy and I am nice..."
He was taken to a groomer to get him cleaned up and make him look as special as he deserves.

The people fostering him have decided that as he is such a special boy that they will keep him and give him the loving home he needs. So we have a happy end to this story, but the Samoyed Association Rescue NEVER turn a Samoyed away and all anyone needs to do is call one of the Rescue telephone numbers on our Web page.

PLEASE if you need help in re-homing a Samoyed DO NOT DO IT THIS WAY, just call and we will do our best to help.

Linda and her team would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have called regarding rehoming him.Linda Brasier, Chief Rescue Officer.


Lately we are getting more Samoyeds wanting homes in Ireland (North & South), so if you are interersted in Re-homing
a Samoyed please contact either Preston or myself for an Application Form.

...- Linda Brasier

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